Textile Magnet Switch

13 Jul , 2017   Video

Experimentation realized in May 2017, in order to prepare an E-Textile workshop…

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Artistic Craft European Days

6 Apr , 2016   Gallery

audrey&alice - cut

This week-end, I’ve participated at “Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Arts” in Paris, inside l’Herbe Rouge shop, at Viaduc des Arts. DataPaulette was invited and some of the creations of LA FashionTech members were shown.

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Workshops at ENSAIT

23 Mar , 2016   Gallery


I had the honor to participate in the organization of two workshop sessions at the ENSAIT, national school of arts and textile industry in Roubaix, with Florence Bost – Sable Chaud.

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DataPaulette in Caen

18 Mar , 2016   Video

For several months now, I am tinkering in a textile hackerspace called DataPaulette, based in Montreuil (near Paris). We experience new things around textiles in all aspects, and we like to incorporate electronics, working with special materials for new interactions.

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TEXTILab’s Workshops

24 Jul , 2015   Gallery


On July 3rd, I did a workshop with Florian Briand at la Paillasse for anyone who wanted to learn about eTextile.

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Festival des Murs à pêche

26 May , 2015   Gallery


Or Peach Walls Festival in English.

This weekend, a friend, Hassen El Golli, gathered a team of geeks around a beautiful small caravan in Murs à pêches Festival in Montreuil, France (near Paris).

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