Workshops at ENSAIT

23 Mar , 2016   Gallery

I had the honor to participate in the organization of two workshop sessions at the ENSAIT, national school of arts and textile industry in Roubaix, with Florence Bost – Sable Chaud.

Florence developed with ENSAIT a knitted breadboard, specially designed for the needs of the workshop, with a STOLL knitting machine. Thanks to the custom-designed conductive thread, it became possible to knit tissue samples with 2 strips for ground and voltage powering-up a project, and several other conductive lines, independent of each other in order to connect the desired components.

I contributed to the development of two programs allowing students to monitor independent way LEDs with an Arduino Pro Mini and TLC5940 multiplexer. The codes are available on my GitHub account : Step 1 and Step 2

It was very interesting and instructive to work with Florence on these workshops. Its textile design approach and knowledge of technical materials is very rich, we had beautiful exchanges eTextile lovers. I hope we’ll work together again on other formations or projects.

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