Textile Magnet Switch

13 Jul , 2017   Video

Experimentation realized in May 2017, in order to prepare an E-Textile workshop…

Conclusion: I love these samples and textile alligator/poppers clips 😉 It’s working great for an educational purpose.

And then, I discovered that Emilie Giles had the same idea, for participatory design workshops which I have been running with members of the BucksVision, a charity which provides services and events for blind and visually impaired people in Buckinghamshire, UK. Her approach to put conductive thread in the centre of a tube yarn is the perfect solution of my problem with my 1rst version of textile alligator/poppers clips (which wasn’t isolated, so it was the open door for short circuits)! I used this solution immediatly ! You can find all the details of her project on the Swatch Exchange of eTextile summercamp 2017.

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