Ocean Dress

19 Sep , 2015   Gallery


I have the honor to present you a new creation I realized with Fang Yang, from Hall Couture and Valerie Marsaudon, of Studio Maximars, during the TEXTILab‘s appointments every Thursday evening at La Paillasse (coworking place in Paris).

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TEXTILab’s Workshops

24 Jul , 2015   Gallery


On July 3rd, I did a workshop with Florian Briand at la Paillasse for anyone who wanted to learn about eTextile.

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Mario Pillow

18 Jul , 2015   Video

Luminous and musical pillow, bearing the image of the famous hero of Nintendo.
Controlled with Arduino LilyPad and some LEDs.

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eTextile Day in Nantes

28 May , 2015  


Yesterday I was invited to speak at a conference during a thematic day organised by Stéréolux in Nantes, France.

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Festival des Murs à pêche

26 May , 2015   Gallery


Or Peach Walls Festival in English.

This weekend, a friend, Hassen El Golli, gathered a team of geeks around a beautiful small caravan in Murs à pêches Festival in Montreuil, France (near Paris).

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Glowy Zoey

21 Oct , 2014   Video

Every year, a great Dad enjoys to make a costume for her daughter Zoey.

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Cyber Tank Girl !

15 Oct , 2014   Video

To play the high tech warrior, nothing better than a light bandolier!

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Laser dog goggles

9 Oct , 2014   Video

For sure, dogs are in the spotlight at Adafruit!

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Pavlok – To break bad habits

7 Oct , 2014   Video

You want to get rid of your bad habits, stop smoking for example ??

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Tardis Dog

6 Oct , 2014  

Adafruit had the great idea to create a small suit which represents the famous Tardis of Doctor Who.

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