Ocean Dress

19 Sep , 2015   Gallery

I have the honor to present you a new creation I realized with Fang Yang, from Hall Couture and Valerie Marsaudon, of Studio Maximars, during the TEXTILab‘s appointments every Thursday evening at La Paillasse (coworking place in Paris).

We worked to make a unique piece that tends to send the message that we can combine fashion, new technologies and environmental actions.

We talked a lot about the shape and which technics to use. After several versions of the dress, we ended up with a prototype made of the following materials:

On top

Patronage canvas. In the fashion industry, this fabric is widely used but always discarded after and never used for final garnments. We decided to use it in our project to highlight that this can be quite aesthetic. It allows us to have a very structured dress, thanks to the wonderful talent of Fang.

There is a small removable jacket composed of a large flexible solar panel that allows us to harvest energy and charge the battery via a Step-Up Voltage Regulator and a LiPo Rider, which will then power-up the entire circuit of LEDs in the skirt . But this jacket may possibly also be used to recharge a smartphone!

The skirt

From an original idea of Valérie, we used a fishing net with pieces of plastic bags. Below this net, we set 42 programmable LEDs (WS2812) controlled by a Lilypad Arduino USB.

You may have guessed, I’m busy with all the electronics and programming of this dress.

You can find the code on my GitHub account.

For more details about the dress and to contact the Ocean Team, here is the website dedicated to our work.

Pictures : Marc Lamey

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