1 Nov , 2020   Video

An immersive installation combining textiles and electronics.

Through this installation, I wish to make visitors travel to an unknown and fictitious world. They will be able to observe and manipulate on the environment. They will have to look for meaning in each of the elements present in the room and play with them as they wish.

These elements can both excite or relax the visitors, depending on the use they make of them. The room should make them want to stay chill, or to play with other visitors in order to create a unique resonant and luminous universe during their visit.

I intend to create volumes of textile crafts (crochet, knitting, sewing) that cover the piece densely, like a wild jungle. There will be a general sound environment which will be modulated / modified by the interaction of visitors with the creations in the room.

A first creation residency took place in July 2020, at the Folie Numérique, on the occasion of the Plaine d’Artistes in La Villette. I wish to continue the construction of this installation by remaining in contact with the public as much as possible, by presenting the developments step by step.

Next event is organised at La Gare Experimental, from November 26 to December 6, 2020. Unfortunately, due to quarantine # 2, it had to be canceled. I invite you to follow the progress of the project on the Facebook page, where I will post the developments and information concerning the next residencies and exhibitions.

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