Festival des Murs à pêche

26 May , 2015   Gallery

Or Peach Walls Festival in English.

This weekend, a friend, Hassen El Golli, gathered a team of geeks around a beautiful small caravan in Murs à pêches Festival in Montreuil, France (near Paris).

interieur-roulotteWe have organized electronic workshops for all ages.

I presented my website and my little eTextile work while offering people to come do some sewing and soldering in order to make LEDs flowers.

Hassen, Sanjay and Stéphane were organizing Arduino workshops to introduce it to the visitors and show them that these small components are really easy to handle.

And among the team, we could find Tiffany and Calin who developed the Plant Quest Game. It’s a game about the garden, where you have to whisper in the ear of the plant to get chips and the same plant can tweet when it needs to be watered ^^

Also, The Hub Epitech came Saturday lend us a 3D printer, thanks to Elio for his demonstrations!

So much for our little caravan, which attracted entire families around our workshops …

But in the Festival, you could find many other artists with their creations. My favorite projects was 2 works made entirely of recycled objects:
– The fountain of the Fer à coudre, which rocked us with his little rattle and sound of flowing water … very relaxing !
– Slow Park, golf snail fighters! well, fighters …. I do not know … Anyway, this small structure offers a real race “game” for snails, with tunnels, suspension bridges, a circus scene etc … The art of taking its time, beautiful!

I also learned about Murs à Pêches history through this festival and I hope that this place will be long preserved. It’s a real lung in the heart of the city in which one can relax in peace. Do not hesitate to support the MAP, association of Murs à Pêches !

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