Fashion + Tech = Greenathon

28 Sep , 2015  

A hackathon seeking to combine fashion, innovation and respect of the environment … What a good idea! I was part of the mentors of this event organized by Wair and Wearhacks. Here is my feeling about this week-end :

5 teams, 5 ambitious projects for two days under the sign of good humor and friendliness.

Participants were highly motivated by the theme of this hackathon, it was rich in ideas!


Some wanted to focus on a concept, some on technics and other on aesthetics. The subject was so vast, so it was very interesting to see how everyone wanted to approach the thing.

My two favorite items go for “Smartglove”, winner of this Greenathon and “Jungle”, Heart price of the jury.

The first project was about developing a glove in order to communicate without using a screen. Send sms without smartphone? With Lucas and Clara, it is possible!

With conductive thread and a LilyPad Arduino, they have developed a small program that write a few words in the serial monitor of their computer. Their victory has motivated them to develop a another prototype in the following week for their booth at FashionTech Showroom.


The Jungle project was more artistic and creative in my opinion, but was totally into the challenge of the hackathon. Thomas, Emmanuelle, Fang and Valerie have developed one of the most interesting outfit since it was designed with old clothes. But not only! They pulled profits of bio-plastic and 3D printers to stylize their outfit.

This project does not stop there because it also integrates technology with conductive thread and a small motor that diffuses the fragrance of a small perfume located at the level of the shoulder. It triggers the system by joining the two wings of a small butterfly 3D printed, a real poetry!

They were able to present their creation at the FashionTech Showroom the following week and during the parade (where I was amused to play the model for an evening).

jungle-stand jungle-defile


Congrats to the organizers and participants for this great event! Hoping that there will be others with this kind of energy !


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