eTextile Springbreak 2019

2 Jul , 2019  

This was the theme of this 2019 edition …
And it made me want to talk about feminism (or rather witches), militancy, the Magic symbols …

With Emilia Pucci, it inspire us to create interactive capes, each with their own features.
But I also experimented for the first time the manufacture of bioplastics, I tried hexagonal weaves, I walked in the nature … This year, I had the feeling to really enjoy sharing experiences with other participants and take the time to observe what was happening around me, I didn’t know what to expect from that and it was perfect to just cherish this opportunity to live and share my passion with all those beautiful people.

Once again, I feel lucky to have been able to participate to this eTextile Springbreak and go to Wassaic, NY, for a few days (way too short!).

eTextile Springbreak 2019

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