DataPaulette in Caen

18 Mar , 2016   Video

For several months now, I am tinkering in a textile hackerspace called DataPaulette, based in Montreuil (near Paris). We experience new things around textiles in all aspects, and we like to incorporate electronics, working with special materials for new interactions. If you are interested, you can see the projects we are working on our wiki, dedicated to e-textiles.

Sometimes, we participate in conferences, workshops or exhibit our work in different places.

We recently were invited to the “Maison de la Recherche et de l’imagination” in Caen, France. I was lucky enough to go with three co-founders of DataPaulette, Maurin Donneaud, Audrey Briot et Martin de Bie. Welcomed by the good mood and energy of François Millet, we first of all presented our hackerspace, the history of e-textiles, some examples in the fashion industry, and some work done in DataPaulette. For the curious who were not present, you can review our entire intervention replay video on top of this article and/or read this article if you’re not afraid of french language!

Then, we animated two workshops in which we let free the imagination of the participants. They wanted to learn to code, use digital embroidery of fablab, discover our hacked knitting machine, making 3D printing, sewing light electronic circuits, etc .. From the musical umbrella to the luminous sock, we gave everything we had to achieve their desires. Thank you for the energy that each one provided on both days, it was great!

You liked the intervention of DataPaulette ? You have projects you want to share with the community ? You can visit us every Wednesday evening from 19h at 19 rue Garibaldi, Montreuil (Robespierre station) and register to our mailing list to be informed of the various activities of the hackerspace.

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