Artistic Craft European Days

6 Apr , 2016   Gallery

This week-end, I’ve participated at “Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Arts” in Paris, inside l’Herbe Rouge shop, at Viaduc des Arts. DataPaulette was invited and some of the creations of LA FashionTech members were shown.

With Audrey from DataPaulette, we animated a workshop called “Tricote ta tête” (Knit your head) with the hacked knitting machine of our hackerspace.

It was a first for me, and it was amazing to see that this knitting activity attract a lot of people!

LA FashionTech organization presented creations of Hall Couture’s residents, like Fang Yang with her beautiful hats; Nancy Boehm and her project Maase; Noémie Devime’s creations like her skirt made with matches; Material researches of Lou-Anne Boehm; Claire Eliot’s creations; Ocean Dress; and of course Herbe Rouge collection.

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