Alice is a creative e-textile enthusiast, interested in embedded systems, Internet of Things, wearables and new interactions.

She is graduated in Information Systems Engineering, and since has been working as Freelance Web Developer and Programming teacher in French Engineering schools.

Currently based in Paris, she is a core member of Datapaulette, a textile hackerspace where we experiment textile and digital technologies. She organize workshops in festivals and different places like TextiLab (La Paillasse) or schools, as ENSAIT (Textile engineering in Roubaix, France). She recently launched Smooth Wearable, a project focusing on DIY Wearable technologies. Keen on the latest innovation trends within Textile and Electronics, She spend her time between her work as teacher, hacking and meeting people that are innovating in wearables or more. Sensitive to the technological evolutions, she thinks that’s important to create several sustainable and innovative art+tech works.